Nexen Crypto Pre-sale has been postponed.

Nexen Crypto
1 min readJan 26, 2022

Find out why.

The pre-sale has been postponed to a few more weeks at the discretion of Nexen Crypto.

What’s the reason?

The vision and the project, in general, have received an overwhelmingly positive response. Our interest in the trip was so great that private investor groups approached us, other projects contacted us, and of course, you all came along.

This presale will be handled in the most organized way possible, responding to all requests. It will take a few additional weeks to complete. We will be able to complete vital tasks within this timeframe, which will guarantee our ecosystem’s longevity.

We are having the NXN Token audited, including by two 3rd parties, — which we believe will add an additional layer of security to the Liquidus project and build community trust.

A Dxsale lock (the gold standard of crypto) is applied to all team tokens

on the roadmap. Stay tuned!



Nexen Crypto

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