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Nexen is a decentralized platform that connects P2P lenders and cryptocurrency borrowers. Nexen connects people or companies who want to lend money with those who want to apply for a loan. It is a way for borrowers to get financing without having to resort to traditional sources of financing such as building societies and banks.

Some sites automatically divide the money you lend among many borrowers, but others like Nexen may allow you to choose who to lend your money to. Again, NXN iѕ a governance tоkеn; it’s сurrеntlу bеing distributed tо liquidity рrоvidеrѕ.

In the future, token holders will participate in all decisions, for example, what other crypto-assets should be supported, integrations, or interest rates.

The cryptocurrency market has grown. Let’s take a step back, and look at the cryptocurrency market before we talk about cryptocurrency lending

Since 2020 and the pandemic, the crypto market has grown exponentially month over month, attracting millions of investors and billions of dollars in crypto market capitalization.

As a crypto investor, you may have accumulated a good amount of crypto assets, but a problem arises when you need physical money. Many investors strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and therefore intend to hold their positions to win thanks to our expected long-term price increase.

Just think about the price of Bitcoin for a moment. Would you be ready not to stay in the game by selling your cryptocurrency?

What Is Crypto Lending?

One of the emerging trends in finance and blockchain, cryptocurrency lending, is a form of decentralized financing (Defi) in which investors lend cryptocurrencies to borrowers for interest payments (crypto dividends). Cryptocurrency lending platforms like Nexen generally accept cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins.

Let’s take an example to illustrate this: you are the lucky owner of 10 Bitcoins and you would like to generate constant passive income with your Bitcoins. By depositing these 10 bitcoins in the wallet of the Nexen lending platform, you will receive weekly (or monthly) interest in them.

With bitcoin loans, these interest rates are typically between 3% and 7%, while, for example, they can be much higher for more stable assets like Stablecoins. And what is more interesting about this type of investment than others? With cryptocurrency-backed loans, borrowers must use their own cryptocurrency as collateral and as collateral for loan repayment.

So if the borrower decides not to repay the loan, investors can simply sell the cryptocurrency assets to cover the loss. And if you are looking for a P2P lending platform to go along with, Nexen is an emerging website from a trusted player in the industry.

Of course, borrowers sometimes default on their loans. But since the Nexen platform requires borrowers to put 25 to 50% of the loan into crypto, Nexen can generally make up most of the losses and prevent investors from losing money.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

Do not lend cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw soon. It’s probably pretty obvious, but you can’t sell what you borrowed. Also, don’t forget that even with the best security clearance; hacks may happen in the world of cryptocurrencies, but be aware that cryptocurrencies’ success rate is high.

Cryptocurrency Loans To Borrow

So we’ve talked about all of this as an investment, but let’s not forget the credit or borrowing side! If you are reading this article, you most likely believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain your crypto for the long term.

Cryptocurrency loans allow you to borrow physical money (e.g. EUR, USD, CAD) if necessary so that you don’t have to sell your cryptocurrency in an emergency.

Who Participates In The Nexen P2P Platform?

We connected lenders and borrowers in cryptocurrency lending through the Nexen P2P platform (third-party provider), in this case, the Nexen cryptocurrency lending platform, which acts as a reliable intermediary. So for this type of lending to take place, there must be three parties involved: Lender, Borrower, and Nexen:

Lenders or investors who want to borrow crypto. This could be someone who has cryptocurrencies waiting for their value to increase, or simply crypto looking to increase the production of their assets.

The Nexen platform takes care of lending and borrowing transactions. For these platforms, its autonomous platforms, decentralized platforms, and centralized platforms with a group of people or companies operating behind the scenes.

Borrowers who wish to receive funds for any purpose; could be a person or company seeking financing and should use fiat or crypto assets as collateral to obtain financing.

Crypto Lending Investment Case Studies

Automated and manual are the 2 main types of lending platforms. Generate automated dividends as soon as you have assets deposited in your crypto wallet. The manuals require that you manually use a certain amount of your assets to generate dividends.

If you choose to invest with a crypto lending platform like Nexen, the lending process is fully automated. Basically, you just have to transfer your coins to the wallet that we provide and you will automatically receive dividends on your cryptocurrencies based on the currency you deposited.

Each cryptocurrency has a different rate of return, and Stablecoins typically have returns from 10% to 18% per year and cryptocurrencies from 3 to 8% per year.

How Do Nexen P2P Lending Work?

Nexen Peer-to-Peer Lending uses online software to connect lenders with potential borrowers. It’s comprises two computers that communicate or exchange data with each other with no central server. Each computer acts as a node within the larger network, each with a copy of the same information.

In contrast, client-server networks connect multiple clients to a server that acts as a central repository. As stated earlier, this centralized use of data collection, and storage still governed many of the institutions, which exist these days.

In finance, the centralized nature of client-server networks represents banks and other financial service providers operating with sole authority over their money. Here is how the process works when looking to borrow money.

  • Complete an application, which may include a credit check.
  • See what your interest rate will be if approved. If you want to get ahead, you can include the loan in the financing phase.
  • Wait for investors to review the loan list and decide if they want to fund it.

If your loan has been successfully financed, proceed to the repayment phase. Make constant payments for the loan. We divide each payment you make among the various lenders, each of whom receives a proportionate share of your payments.

Here’s how the process works when you want to lend money:

  • Create an account on the Nexen P2P lending platform.
  • Check out the loan options.
  • Keep track of all winnings in your online account.

What Fees Do Nexen P2P Lenders Charge?

Nexen may charge fees from both lenders and borrowers, so it is important to verify the terms before accepting a loan or handing over your investment money. For example, if you are an investor, Nexen will charge an investor service fee of approximately 1% of the amount of payments received before the loan maturity date or any grace period, if applicable. If you are a borrower, you may incur the same fees.

What Can I Use The Nexen P2P Lending For?

Many peer-to-peer platforms offer unsecured personal loans. That means you can use the funds almost as much as you want, but most lending platforms like Nexen may ask you to show the intended use of the loan.

Popular reasons for loans include home improvement, debt consolidation, medical expenses, and major purchases, according to Nexen.

Is The Nexen Lending Platform Secure?

P2P lending seems like an attractive investment — you have the potential to earn positive returns on your investment without involving a bank. However, keep in mind that if you lend money through the Nexen platform and the borrower stops paying, the loan will never fail and you will be repaid. Nexen has covered to make sure that, unlike others; you get your money back.

Benefits Of P2P Lending For Borrowers

Peer lending can offer several advantages over other forms of credit, such as more competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and a quick and convenient online application. Let’s look at these in detail.

Applying For A P2P Loan Online Is Quick And Convenient

Since peer-to-peer lending platforms like Nexen are often completed online, the application process is quick and convenient. This can be very useful if you want to secure your funds quickly. The NexenP2P platform has a waiting list of investors who make loans to borrowers, which when combined with an automated comparison process means that the response time to receive your money can be very fast, sometimes only a few hours.

Here at Nexen, we have placed great emphasis on making our application process easy and fast. Receiving a personalized quote takes less than five minutes; if you are later tentatively accepted, all you need to do is provide some details and complete your application.

We will then make a final decision and contact you with a loan offer if we approve it. Once you accept, we will transfer the money. The entire process is fast and the total delivery time is usually less than 48 hours.

You May Access Lower Rates

With the Nexen loan platform, borrowers can often access loans with lower interest rates than they would get from traditional lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies. Since investors make money available to borrowers directly through our P2P platform, the overhead costs typical of most financial service providers are not incurred, which often allow both parties to benefit from interest rates.

The Nexen Platform Offers Another Option For Lenders

For those looking for an alternative to traditional banks or building societies, a p2p loan is a great alternative worth exploring. Nexen’s P2P platform now plays an important role for those looking for alternative financing for some of their many financial needs, creating a healthier market for consumers.

Although the loans come from individuals, all you need to do is trade with the NexenP2P platform. Investors rather than a bank financed peer-to-peer loans, the P2P lending platform ensures things remain simple by acting as an intermediary between the parties.

This means that although you can get a loan financed by many people, you will never have to contact them and all repayments are made through the Nexen platform.

This setup offers the best of both worlds — the lowest interest rates are often available to borrowers without intermediaries, but the Nexen P2P platform continues to provide support. Because peer loans are unsecured, there is no need to provide collateral, so you don’t have to tie personal property to business as with many other types of loans.

This also ensures that the application process is quick and easy and that you get funds in less time. Also, P2P loans offer much more flexibility than other types of loans. With Nexen, for example, you can always overpay or even pay off your loan balance without incurring additional costs. You can even change your monthly payment date to suit your own finances.

So if your payday falls on a specific date each month, you can set your loan payment to be made on the same day. You can learn more about flexible loan management in our Help Center.

Cryptocurrency owners can earn more interest by Lending Out. On Nexen’s peer-to-peer platform; Users can set their own fixed interest rates or lend at the current market rate. Whenever you trade, it is important to know that your funds are secure.

Not all exchanges follow the same compliance guidelines from US regulators, a key platform like Nexen Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, which verify customer identities and curb criminal activity. Customers based in the US can risk having their accounts closed on exchanges that do not comply with KYC rules.

Choose Your Coins Wisely

There are approximately10, 000 cryptocurrencies, but most exchanges allow users to lend some. So the question is: what currencies should I lend? That depends on your desired returns, market conditions, and your personal risk tolerance.

There are two key strategies for crypto loans. You can earn interest on the Stablecoins or cryptocurrencies that you want to hold. Stablecoins like USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT) aim to peg their value one to one to the US dollar, hence the name. Regardless of market volatility, the price of Stablecoins will remain the same, making them a lower-risk option.

Bitcoin and Altcoins are very volatile. Therefore, the amount of interest you will earn can be unpredictable. Loans can attract investors who want to keep their coins and still get paid. However, this also means that any change in the price of cryptocurrencies will affect your income. Investors using fixed credit services need to be prepared for sudden changes in value as they cannot trade pegged currencies for specific periods of time.

Which currencies pay the most interest? Stablecoins presently provide the highest interest, that’s rates on most exchanges between 5% and 25%. Ethereum prices are lower by around 1% to 3% APR. Why is this? When the cryptocurrency market is bullish, there is a higher demand for Stablecoins from investors planning to go long. The opposite occurs in a declining market when investors want to borrow cryptocurrencies to sell short.

Invest In Nexen Peer-To-Peer Loans

One of the biggest advantages for Nexen investors is that you don’t have to buy entire loans. Instead, you buy notes, which are small loans in denominations as low as $25. This allows you to spread a relatively small amount of your investment capital across a wide variety of debt securities and reduce the risk that a single loan will default, clear your investment bill.

The Nexen platform handles all loan administration tasks, including underwriting, closing, distributing loan funds, and collecting monthly payments. These monthly payments are then transferred to the platform for each loan minus a 1% administration fee.

That means your only responsibility in the process is choosing which loans to invest in and then sitting down and collecting payments on each loan.

The Benefits Of Nexen’s Peer-To-Peer Investing

Investor interest in peer-to-peer loans has grown steadily in recent years, given the zero interest rate environments in which it is very difficult to earn interest on fixed income assets above 1% per annum. Peer investing offers a profitable alternative and other advantages.

High returns

Many peer-to-peer investors report annual investment returns over 10%. This is not surprising: typical loan rates offered by the Nexen platform are between 6% and 36%. A mixed loan portfolio can easily generate double-digit returns even after subtracting the 1% management fee and a reasonable amount for loan defaults.

Create Your Own Portfolio

Nexen’s peer-to-peer platform gives you more control over specific investments than most other investment vehicles. You can select debt securities based on specific criteria, including repayment term, loan type, debt-to-income ratio, and credit score range. This way you can control the variables surrounding your investments.

At Nexen, You Don’t Have To Finance Entire Loans

This leads to investing in promissory notes rather than full loans. Because we can purchase notes for as little as $25, a $5,000 investment can be spread over 200 credits, allowing you to diversify with a very small amount of money.

There are certain methods to successfully invest in Nexen p2p loans. The basic idea is to maximize profitability and minimize risks. Here are some of the basics along these lines:

Spread The Returns On Your Investment

Credit grading means that the best quality loans have the lowest interest rates. However, if you only invest in top-tier loans, it will limit your earning potential to less than 5% per year. Bу mixing роѕitiоnѕ in lоwеr сrеdit lоаnѕ, уоu can increase those rеturnѕ tо dоublе digitѕ. The idea, of course, is to spread your capital across different credit classes and avoid the ones that pose the greatest risk.

If you browse through the peer-to-peer notes, you quickly realize that it would take a long time to even choose the notes that would involve a $1,000 investment.

Limit Your Investment

Because of the potential for borrower default, especially in a general economic downturn, limit your total peer investing to a small percentage of your investment portfolio.

For example, if you typically have 25% of your portfolio in fixed-income investments, invest a percentage of that in peer-to-peer investments to increase the overall return on that allocation without mushrooming the return on adverse investments.

Always Reinvest Loan Payments

Given that p2p investments pay for themselves, you should always carefully reinvest the loan payments you receive. If you don’t, your performance will decline when the loans are paid off. The idea is to always be fully invested by buying new notes regularly.

If you view p2p investing primarily as an activity to increase the fixed income portion of your portfolio, this should suit your investment needs well. But like any other investment risk, it should never be seen as an all-weather investment dominating your portfolio.

The Nexen Token: Currently Being Distributed

NXN will turn into a governance tоkеn; it’s сurrеntlу bеing distributed tо liquidity рrоvidеrѕ. In the future, token holders will take part in all decisions, for example, what other crypto-assets should be supported, integrations, or interest rates.

A governance token gives holders the right to vote on proposed smart contract revisions when registrations are issued, so they can hear your voice with making changes to how that protocol works. Some government token holders also benefit from a portion of protocol fees, trading fees, and other rewards.

However, as issuers regularly point out, governance tokens have no intrinsic value — they are not utility tokens. However, they are very attractive to many Defi users, which led to a sharp increase in the price of many of these tokens.

Governance Tokens Like NXN Are The Way To Go

Governance tokens have exploded in value this year. To date, the largest Defi-governance tokens have a combined market capitalization of $ 4.1 billion, not far from the well know Bitcoin Cash’s $ 4.8 billion. Where does all this value come from?

Part of the answer lies in the interplay between lending, liquidity mining, and staking. Then, of course, there are outdated speculations. As is the hope that tokens and the protocols behind them will grow into valuable assets drives the case in both traditional money markets and the crypto space, interest in governance tokens.

The decentralization of finance is pretty much the hottest trend in the crypto industry right now, if not the money world at large, and people are eager to be a part of the opportunity and potentially benefit from how they are carried out these projects.

Is Governance Too Centralized?

While the user management aspect of Defi is one of many attractive solutions that crypto offers compared to the closed world of traditional finance, it doesn’t present many problems. Among them are Defi logs with many pre-made tokens that are usually in the hands of the founders.

Almost 50% of the tokens were distributed to their founders, team, and shareholders, giving this group a tremendous impact on the operation of the protocol and its liquidity pools.

The Evolution Of Governance

We have got answers with responses from a few Defi platforms, such as Nexen, seeking solutions to limit the unconstructive impact of token mechanism. For example, with a large number of tokens, users can lock their governance tokens for rewards that can be accessed in case of shortfall events.

Also, as Defi-Protocols grow and require further development, the founders will probably sell their holdings to fund this work and gradually reduce their holding in these projects. Selling their stakes in this way will ultimately add value to the tokens and the protocol, meaning that it closely aligned your interests with those of all governance token users and holders.

The question of value is also vital as many wonder how tokens like NXN can have such high values ​​in an ecosystem where these tokens have no intrinsic value. However, the same argument was once made about Bitcoin, and we all know how it turned out.

Differences Between Tokens And Coins

One problem with such a new and innovative sector, especially one that is grassroots, is that technology regulation lags. The same is true of language. Terms are created and developed as needed, and there is not always a clear consensus on what they mean.

Two terms used to describe blockchain units of value are COIN and TOKEN. Their meaning and use overlap significantly and are often used interchangeably, but, strictly, at least, there are some differences.

Function Vs Form

Generally speaking, a cryptocurrency is just that: a currency or means of payment, while a token has a broader functionality.

The express purpose of a currency is to behave like money: as a unit of account, store of value, and medium of transmission. The coins tend to take the form of native blockchain tokens like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (MXR), etc., although it isn’t necessary. Its purpose is solely to act as money, store value over time, and allow businesses to bill and pay for services. They are created as ERC20 tokens for convenience.

While blockchain tokens have value, we cannot view them as money as a mere currency. Tokens like NXN are generally hosted on a different blockchain, such as the Ethereum or Waves: 2.0 protocols that allow users to create them using the main currency.

Tokens offer functions that go beyond digital cash. They can offer investors added value that goes beyond speculative returns; this is one purpose of NXN Token. This can be done in several ways, but usually through buybacks (since dividend payments create regulatory problems).

Blurred Lines

The boundary between coins and tokens is neither clear nor sharp. Both are used to transferring value as a means of payment, just as both USD and stocks are used to reward people for work (although primarily the former). It is possible to host coins as tokens on 2.0 platforms, as with LH on Ethereum. And the purpose of the coins can go beyond simple payments;

So while language will certainly strengthen with technology, most people will agree on the broad lines: currency = cash, token = everything else.

Token vs Crypto Coin: Which is Better?

If you think a coin equals a token, think again. Many people, even some crypto companies, think that both tokens and coins are the same, but they are not. There are big differences between crypto tokens and cryptocurrencies. Let’s find out what.

The Coin

A соin is ѕimрlу a сrурtосurrеnсу thаt hаѕ itѕ own blockchain. Coins like Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin created with their own custom blockchains are real coins. They develop most of the new digital currencies on an existing blockchain; they are not coins.

For example, Bitcoin has its own Bitcoin blockchain that acts as the underlying technology and sets rules for how Bitcoin works. Then there are the coins with their own blockchains that are created through optimizations on the original Bitcoin blockchain. These are called altcoins because they are being developed as an alternative to Bitcoin.

The purpose of a coin is purely financial. Coins allow users to make safe and fast money transfers from one point to another. The need for a new coin increase if the existing coin lacks a certain function, or the developer wants to create something new, but can still use the code of other existing coins when developing a new coin.

A coin is typically used to transfer money or as a unit of value for goods/services or possessions. Some other currencies may give you other specific rights or values ​​defined by the developer or the company backing them. But thе bаѕiс uѕе of a coin iѕ fоr trаnѕасtiоnѕ.

The crucial properties of a coin are uniformity, usability, fungibility, acceptance, durability, divisibility, and limited supply.

The Token

A token is generally developed on an existing blockchain. It uses all the capabilities of the underlying blockchain to create a new system. For example, the Nexen (NXN) token was created on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the decentralization and security feature.

That being said, the role of ERC20 is to provide a smooth transaction within the Nexen app. The NXN token is the main path of a transaction within the Nexen platform.

A token represents only one asset or utility and therefore cannot be treated as money. It still has a market value. Unlike coins, almost anyone can have and employ tokens, as they require little technical knowledge and skills.

Tokens are generally created to secure a decentralized application that uses blockchain technology. The purpose of a token is entirely for and within the specific application for which it was created. We can still trade the tokens on the exchange.

For example, the NXN token provides users with access to the various services and functions offered on the Nexen platform. The token can be used to pay for a visit to the doctor or a medical check-up.

Aside from the fundamental differences in creation, ease of use, and application, tokens and coins are almost the same. Unless you are planning to create a completely new type of application or system that requires a new blockchain technology, I would recommend that you choose a token using an existing blockchain.

This saves you a lot of time, money, and resources that you can spend developing the actual project. The token is a utility that only allows users to carry out transactions within the application. You can even use an existing token like ETH for this purpose.

However, if you plan to develop a new coin, you should know that creating a new blockchain will not be a simple task. Besides developing the correct code, you would need to create a very strong blockchain that cannot be penetrated. For that, you would have to find and hire miners. In short, it’s an expensive and time-consuming process.

NXN Token Will Continue To Transform The Defi Market

While cryptocurrencies have opened up the idea of ​​a decentralized economy to the world, policy changes in a decentralized system still pose a challenge. While foundations or developers decide what changes to make to a blockchain system, governance tokens rest with the Design Responsibility and the future protocol of a decentralized network in the hands of the token holder.

With governance tokens like NXN, holders can do their part to influence decisions related to the project. These decisions can range from adding a role to the project to changing the entire governance protocol.

With blockchain, you automatically implemented changes decided by governance token holders through smart contracts. Or the team overseeing the project can coordinate and then implement the changes.

It doesn’t end here; Tokens have brilliant use cases that not only help the project but also the community by making them feels like they own a piece of the project. Although they are not legally known as stocks, these tokens actually function.

Projects like Nexen even offer dividends to their token holders by giving them a percentage of the platform’s various sources of income. Another fact worth mentioning about the value of the token is that its value is skyrocketing. Because of its practicality, market capitalization skyrockets shortly after its appearance.


Nexen’s peer-to-peer lending platform offers investors the opportunity to earn competitive returns by investing in unsecured personal loans for other consumers. It may sound boring, but doing your homework is one of the best ways to protect yourself against poor investments, whether in the cryptocurrency market or elsewhere.

Thorough research is a must if you are looking to invest in a cryptocurrency, says one expert, investing on a whim has resulted in tears for many. When investing in cryptocurrencies, the research includes reviewing the supply of coins and reading white papers. Experts recommend collecting your mood from many sources.

Invest in things that you think will be successful in the long run, you don’t want to invest into get rich quick;. There’s a saying in the stock market, and from what I’ve seen, it certainly means crypto, and we have scrutinized all smart contracts like Nexen, which mitigates the risk.

However, there is always a minor risk of loss with any investment. Therefore, the Nexen platform is in fact an effective solution that allows users to enter and exit cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial way.

Happy trading!

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