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➡️ Getting Started with Nexen Pool Staking — How to Deposit

Nexen Pool Staking requires a minimum of 1000 NXN tokens to participate. You’ll also need a small amount of ETH in your account to pay gas costs (transaction fees).


Nexen Pool Staking has been designed to work with Metamask.

  1. Install Metamask
  2. Create a new account to send your Neexen tokens to, OR, import the account currently holding your tokens via these options:
  • Hardware wallet
  • Private Key or JSON file

3. Ensure you have enough Ethereum to cover gas fees for the transactions.

4. Enable “contract data” in the Ethereum app if using a hardware wallet to sign transactions in Metamask.

How to create your stake:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure your Wallet Balance is at least 1000 NXN, as that is the minimum you can stake, and connect your wallet via Metamask.

3. Check if your Allowance is at least 1000 NXN. This value means how many tokens you allow the Staking Pool Smart Contract to take from you when you create your stake. If the value is less than 1000, complete a higher amount in the textbox and press the “+” button to increase it.

Metamask will trigger a transaction for you to sign:

When you create your stake, the smart contract will only take 1000 NXN from you to stake them.

4. Complete the amount to stake, if you want to compound your tokens, and the address of a referrer (if you are referred by someone else). Then press the “Create Stake” button.

Once your stake is created, you will see your stake details in the site. You can also get your referral link and share it with more people to use it to stake. If they do so, your initial amount will automatically be increased 1%.

If you compound your stake, every day your rewards will be reinvested. So, at the end of your staking period, you will have even more rewards. But in this case, you won’t be able to withdraw your rewards until the end of your staking period.

If you don’t compound them, then your rewards will be generated daily based only on your initial amount. You will be able to withdraw these rewards whenever you want. Also, you will be able to finish your stake before its end, by paying a penalty (which depends on how far/close you are from the end of your staking period).

In the History section, you will see your daily rewards and your withdrawals.

Thank you for participating in the network and we hope you enjoy the rewards!
Happy trading!

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